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When I met my partner who was married to B and never suspected that something was wrong with their relationship, they seemed happy with his life is like a normal couple in their 40 years of age. I used to strange food and the way they were struggling financially to start a business, let me pay. I then had a good marriage, though he knew he was ill and suffered B some health problems are not helped in the apartment below. In any case, 3 years ago, they separated their drinking habits, and I was very close to the S, leaving the marital home and was going to live where they would be affected. It started after a few months, the kiss on the cheek unusual happens, you move to full- kissing sessions and begged me to go, things to her, but I thought I really wanted to play with what moved me to temporarily until they found a more permanent, but never leave. eroxia Although he had known for 12 years, SBI did not know until later S asked about his past, he had found was a bad girl on many occasions to satisfy their sexual needs. This excited me, and one day while I was in bed when eroxia she does not need any extra pleasure I had as long as I knew, he said, adding, however I would be happy at his eroxia watch and get into a threesome. At first, she was surprised to feel our relationship was great. He said it was, but then gave them the idea of ​​making rude and told me, with a few pointers in the past and knew that some women sometimes need a man to meet. Initially, he was asked if I had to test it and refused to talk about it, then a couple eroxia of weeks later, having sex in a very sensual, building to an orgasm we shared, we love to see them to me and said what do you think I said, I guess it was bad, and a man who has left his sperm into her pussy and I feel bloated and wetwas. Suddenly, an almighty scream and fuck like rabbits for hours. In the morning I was completely and asked if he was okay, he said, to reach her, as she was embarrassed, I was in the kitchen and slid my cock against her ass and said, ' You were in the thought, became weren 't think I know when she wants to say yes, but says maybe. then said he felt guilty about his past, and I told him not hearting anyone, and were enjoying the pleasures that others like to do to please his said then eroxia you can be sure eroxia what I said last night? I have already told many times about your dreams I had fun and really think about fucking others opposed it. was when I spoke to eroxia a customer, always pointing to put out a meal, but thought he wanted more. and I said, then she told me eroxia who he was and said there was very wet at the thought of what would be. Since she still had her short shirt rapped my arm around his body and bought my fingers around her pussy, she eroxia was wet and tried my best to bring home their shame, but the liquid did not wet lips toughed. Then insert a finger then two, and bit the ear that you want to know how she is, she pushed her ass against my cock and again asked me what eroxia they wanted, of eroxia course, was a no, but maybe the answer. Then I got my dick in his pants and put it in her pussy told him how much I did. I slid my cock as she said, bending the kitchen table, O God, your great and started slowly fucking talking low shots, see what you do with another man, she was like a train approaching when he asked what she said she would like to make fun of him for the first time to see a great blowjob to know what was wanted at that moment I said, and if well, what you would in a second time to do? She had gotten stronger, so I mocked her pastping my bitch and waited for calm, she begged me not to stop, but he said he had his sentence about what they do with it, done. Then she thought it would once again here and see if the video can be configured so that the action could be recorded so that we could eroxia be adjusted. I took my cock in her and lifted her feet off the ground with the force of his shit and I arrived. When we have reassured us south knees and began to suck my cock clean and looked at me with those eyes of her and said, do you really think I get it? She knew the answer. in the morning on a workday afternoon and sent a text S could speak, eroxia he rang again, was in the toilets of ladies who say that this man was in the office and ask them what to do? I returned the question with the words you want to do, she released I was soaked, I'm back, so I said go for it, why do not you do that he is taking to work and bringsHouse and leave the car at work, I heard the call. For 4 A clock has a text saying that he had raised to the fifth God is my head to turn that could happen to what started and asked me if I go home and hide from the camera video outside the house before she returned, I decided to do just that and S hit his say what I do, and she laughed and said, you are, I can tell by his breathing, and the call went dead. ( I got back) has been concerned with creating so little time for anything and if I had the house is a van next door, so I had to park further down the street on a side street. I ran the camera arranged in the room and was about to walk out the door when I get up in the south of the car and V eroxia lock the car, I found it out later, so I put the camera and only pushed in the open at the top of the stairs in front of the door. My heart was so strong that I thought would be able to listen through it. I was in thand listen to the input of the third room and tried to crawl to the top of the stairs. S I hear, feel at home and I'll put the kettle on and pop to the toilet. I hid and not let the one who was there, entered the bedroom and heard her say, I hope you love me DI thought they knew it was there, but I was talking to himself. She went downstairs and I heard him speak, I do not know where it was nerves, but slipped down the stairs to see if I could look and could only be through the hole near the hinge to see. I've heard, in turn Vick and say : I know you have a man in her life, but I could not dare to ask for a kiss. S turned and said first and I have to say something is secret in these four walls, he said, what is it? He then D and have an open relationship and he knows you're here, and I'm not back, jumped VS, but reassured him and told him to relax is fine, he's not here and not be back for hoursBut if I kiss you, they always say to anyone outside of here, you agree? Vick said, his lips were sealed, and said : S, I hope your right, but not in this house when they moved for a kiss. The room fell silent for about 15 seconds, stopped for breath, S looked at him and said it was OK ? Vick said he had never dreamed of something I thought was going to have even a kiss from you, and she said, and what else has thought of yet. He turned around and said he would like to see it in the raids and high heels, would love to have your game with cock and eroxia takes pleasure in his shit, but he knows it will not happen. S looked at his tail and said, look also at what you have there when he started out. He seemed surprised, as he knelt down and grabbed his penis and began to masturbate slowly, that my desire to grow these, a little attention before he could answer placed the tip of his penis in his mouth, he was back, seeking to put to think he was eroxia up to the ceilingin the heavens and the ass saw the front door fingering herself, two fingers on it and eroxia I knew what I was through, as she is fantastic to give head. He began eroxia cautiously, or shall I say cum, she turned and said so do not fuck eroxia with me tonight so, where ? He asked her to bending, lifting her skirt and panties down, he eroxia was doing when he asked, and after a few eroxia pulls his cock gripped her ass, she was typing, if this has happened, and came to the same time. I thought that was the end, but all her ass rubbed with a finger in my pussy wet, your God, he said, I can take ? He said no, we have that for another time, give me your cock clean as she began to rotate around its mouth, began to push, I think S was surprised and asked him cum again? If you can see me wherever you want, S excited, but he said no I can fuck, where else would you, as you saidr enter the mouth and then keep them there and gave me a kiss as she opened her mouth, injected a bit grabbed her and kissed her pussy fingering long, where S arrived at your fingertips. He calmed down later and S went to the kitchen to make tea, V, followed his thanks for a wonderful time and said he would keep the secret, said S and another person is in that, eroxia and that was me when I said what had happened, Vick said, but he is mad, and said she would not. When he was shown the door, he shouted and said, you will fit in the office? As he said, wanted to go back and collect the car. This could leave home and come back as if he had returned from work. I'll tell you know, right? 2 party continues
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